DYNAMIX - is a leading supplier of broadband solutions: ADSL2+, SHDSL, HomePNA 3.0, VoIP, DSLAM, PowerLine. Modem, routers, multiplexer. Europe,Germany DYNAMIX - is a leading supplier of broadband solutions: ADSL2+, SHDSL, HomePNA 3.0, VoIP, DSLAM, PowerLine. Modem, routers, multiplexer. Europe,Germany DYNAMIX - is a leading supplier of broadband solutions: ADSL2+, SHDSL, HomePNA 3.0, VoIP, DSLAM, PowerLine. Modem, routers, multiplexer. Europe,Germany DYNAMIX - is a leading supplier of broadband solutions: ADSL2+, SHDSL, HomePNA 3.0, VoIP, DSLAM, PowerLine. Modem, routers, multiplexer. Europe,Germany

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   На русском языке. DYNAMIX - оборудование широкополосного доступа: xDSL, ADSL, ADSL2+, SHDSL, HomePNA 3, VoIP, E1. Модемы, маршрутизаторы, мосты, концентраторы, шлюзы, стойки. Вектор, Украина, Россия  Українською мовою. DYNAMIX - обладнання широкополосного доступу: xDSL, ADSL, ADSL2+, SHDSL, HomePNA 3, VoIP, E1. Модеми, маршрутизатори, мости, концентратори, шлюзи, стійки. Вектор, Україна  
The HomePlug Experience

The member companies of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance are making sure that this scenario is not a far off dream.
By developing industry-standard specifications for powerline communications technologies, the HomePlug Alliance is focused on building the market for all applications of the technology.

From in-the-home applications - such as sharing High-Definition television programming -- to to-the-home applications - such as enabling utility companies to deliver high-speed Internet access to rural areas, powerline communications allows you to plug in, and simply connect!

Lots of affordable HomePlug certified products are available today throughout the world! You can use them to create a fast and secure home network that is available at every power outlet in your home. 

Today's products, based on the HomePlug 1.0 specification are typically adapters that bridge an existing networking technology (such as a wireless or Ethernet network) and your home's power lines.

No new wiring is needed! HomePlug certified products use your home's power lines - which are already installed - as a path to send high-speed digital data!

Using these adapters is an exercise in simplicity! Simply set the security password on all your units, and plug them in. All of your HomePlug devices can now communicate with each other and securely pass data around your home.

While today's products are primarily adapters, HomePlug technology is also being built-in to a wide variety of consumer electronics, allowing you to "plug in" to a whole new generation of digital entertainment! With the Alliance's new HomePlug AV specification, a single electrical wire will deliver power, as well as high-speed digital entertainment: the music and movies that you love. 

Coming Soon to your TV: HomePlug AV

Over the next few years, a new type of home networking will emerge: entertainment networking. To maintain the high quality of digital video and multi-channel audio, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance is developing HomePlug AV to deliver enhanced communication methods and higher speeds.

As a consumer, you want the products you buy to connect without hassle, while maintaining privacy. HomePlug products will interface with numerous networking technologies to support entertainment and computing products, making HomePlug powerline networks the high-speed backbone of affordable home networking solutions. 

The HomePlug certified products that are now available are your best home networking option for sharing a broadband connection, streaming audio, playing multi-player games, and even for Internet telephones.

HomePlug certified products have high speeds, robust quality-of-service, and excellent security. 

HomePlug AV will be designed to co-exist with HomePlug 1.0 technology, and will also work with Broadband Powerline ("BPL") solutions delivered to your home from your utility company. HomePlug 1.0, HomePlug AV, and HomePlug BPL work together to create a harmonious environment for in-the-home and to-the-home networks.

Direct to your door: HomePlug BPL

One of the most exciting ways to use powerline communications is to deliver Internet access to homes and business. While this is similar to how cable and DSL work, the possibilities for the "third wire to the home" are endless. 

HomePlug BPL is the Alliance's specification for to-the-home powerline communications technologies. It creates a harmonious environment for all powerline communications and helps to create a great market for all new kinds of products and services.

For example, not only can a utility company reap the benefits of offering new services to their customers, the presence of the technology itself allows them to more quickly detect and fix outages, and even anticipate issues so they can proactively take measures to avoid problems with the power network. Utility companies are working closely with the HomePlug Alliance to help define these services and bring them to market.

Analysts Agree! HomePlug is here to stay!

The home network of the future will not be comprised of a single technological solution. 

For example, if you're a wireless user, you're familiar with signal dropouts and the quick depletion of your battery. Some HomePlug products create a wireless bridge to a powerline network. So, when you use your laptop's battery power and roam around the house, you can still connect wherever you are - extending the range of your wireless network.

Many factors are driving the market's acceptance of powerline networking in the home:

• Broadband deployment is exploding. 
• The integration of the Internet into every aspect of our lives - from e-mail, to IMs, to gaming, to music and video - continues to increase. 
• Homes with multiple PCs, Internet devices, and smart appliances need a way to connect throughout the whole house. 
• Companies are introducing new devices and smart appliances that need a ubiquitous connection to the Internet. 
• HomePlug technology is being included in the development of many consumer products, including residential gateways from CableLabs. 

Analysts everywhere are concluding that the home network of the future will consist of multiple wired and wireless technologies.

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance: Companies United

Scores of globally recognized companies comprise the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. Each of company plays an important role in bringing this technology to market, and ensuring that all the HomePlug certified products work together.

HomePlug-member companies are from all parts of the globe and from all types of businesses. From technology and computing companies, to consumer electronic and retail companies, to utility and service provider companies, the strength of powerline communications technology unities them in a common goal: to create an environment where connecting to the Internet, and connecting products to each other, is as easy as plugging in to the electrical socket. 

To this end, the Alliance works around the world to help seed the market for powerline communications, and build a base of technologies that deliver great solutions for each application.

All of this helps consumers to know that when they plug in, they simply connect. more about Dynamix PL-E(85) HomePlug Ethernet Adapter can you find:

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